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Sojavit 85 - 700 g

Still looking for an alternative source of plant-based protein to supplement your daily diet? Sojavit™ 85 by Olimp Sport Nutrition is a protein supplement containing full-fat soy protein isolate, the composition of which has been enriched with extra additives in the form of lecithin and L-carnitine.

As we all know, protein is one of the key ingredients of a balanced and healthy diet. It not only helps build muscle mass, but also contributes to its maintenance, which is extremely important, especially for those who are physically active and regularly train for strength and endurance disciplines.

The Sojavit™ protein supplement is made from an exceptionally pure raw ingredient that meets strict quality standards. Thanks to the restrictive pharmaceutical quality systems in the modern Research and Development Center of the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company, you have a full guarantee that the product is free from microbiological contamination and does not contain dangerous levels of heavy metals, and its composition is consistent with the declaration on the label.

Get Sojavit™ and start working on your dream figure! Each protein supplement serving (35 g) contains up to 30 g of high-quality protein with a rich amino acid profile. This dietary supplement is particularly recommended for vegans and vegetarians who do not tolerate animal products containing protein in their diet. The natural flavour allows Sojavit 85 to be usedas a valuable addition, for example, to a variety of desserts, including protein ice cream or cookies to help add variety to the daily diet.

Choosing Sojavit™ protein nutrient for vegan and vegetarians, you get:

  • a solid serving of high-quality protein – 30 g
  • support for building muscle mass and assistance in maintaining it (protein)
  • dietary supplementation with amino acids, including BCAA
  • a sugar-free dietary supplement
  • a protein supplement that can be used during weight loss to add complete plant proteins to the diet
  • a protein supplement that will be the right choice for vegans and vegetarians

The Sojavit™ protein supplement comes in two weights, which determine the price of the product. You can choose between a 700 g bag and a sachet, which is the equivalent of 1 serving of the dietary supplement (35 g). Due to its small size, you can easily put the Sojavit™ protein supplement sachet in your gym bag or backpack. This way, you always have delicious protein on hand – before your workout, after your workout, at work or when travelling.