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Reanimator pro 1425g (Post workout)

Finished your workout... Did you give it your 100%? 

The second yet equally important workout phase has just begun. It is regeneration time.

This is when the strained muscle tissues will develop even bigger and stronger called regeneration. There is only one condition for this regeneration to occur in this way, and that is to take the correct supplementation right after the workout has finished, in the so-called post-workout window. 

This is why Olimp has made an advanced product which will enable your muscles to rebuild and replenish your energy even after an extremely strenuous training session.   

If you want every workout to be as effective as possible, then appropriate regeneration should become your priority.

Meet the Reanimator 

Complex formula contains:

- Carbohydrates compound of varied absorption period
- The highest quality whey proteins WPC and WPI
- The highest content of micellar casein
- Innovative combination of BCAA in 8:1:1 relation
- Creatine monohydrate
- L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate 
- Taurine
- Hylauronic acid

The easy and well-soluble formula with great flavours shall make your post-workout regeneration easier and more pleasurable than ever before. 

Boost your regeneration to a new higher level!

Rebuild your muscles!

Get ready for even harder training.