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R-WEILER SHOT - 9x60 ml

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There must have been more than one occasion when you were unable to train at full capacity? A hard day at work, tiredness, fatigue, weaker concentration did not allow you to perform a solid, optimal workout that you would be satisfied with? Don't give up! Get into "higher gear" with the legendary pre-workout R-WEILER Shot by Olimp Sport Nutrition

R-WEILER Shot is a pre-workout in a small, convenient ampoule. Each ampoule contains a concentrated dose of popular active ingredients in optimally selected amounts! The pre-workout formula by Olimp Sport Nutrition does not lack in beta-alanine, taurine, caffeine, L-tyrosine and cayenne pepper extract. The formulation was developed for physically active adults, exercising both recreationally and professionally, looking for support in an intense workout.

Why choose Olimp R-WEILER Shot?

Innovative production technology, testing of individual ingredients for the presence of heavy metals, and high-quality raw materials used in the production have created the perfect pre-workout, which will bring you closer to your desired goal with every workout. Test yourself against the best! Experience the effects of this popular pre-workout from Olimp Sport Nutrition, which has been used by many professional athletes!

Advantages of Olimp R-WEILER Shotpre-workout.

  • Five high-quality active ingredients.
  • Liquid dietary supplement – a ready-to-drink product, simply shake the ampoule, twist off the cap and drink the recommended dose.
  • Excellent bioavailability of active ingredients due to the liquid form of the product.
  • The small size of the ampoule makes the pre-workout shot convenient to use and doesn't take up much space in your training bag.
  • Delicious, refreshing taste.