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R-Weiler Focus Shot - 20 X 60 ml Ampoule

Are your workouts very intense? Are you an active person? Does your work require maximum concentration, focus and logical thinking? Is e-gaming your passion? Then don't invest in half measures! Choose the innovative line of dietary supplements - "Health brain" - by Olimp Sport Nutrition. Choose Olimp R-weiler Focus Shot! It's a cutting-edge composition of aminoacids (L-citrulline, L-tyrosine, L-theanine), supplemented with stimulating caffeine, theanine with addition of Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC), standardized plant extracts (sage and grapes) and peppermint oil. The formula created by the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company scientists is characterized by high-quality, tested raw materials, high portions of active ingredients and real impact on physical and cognitive abilities1.

A small, convenient to use ampoule of Olimp R-weiler Focus Shot is an innovative combination of pre-workout supplement (mixture of: citrulline, acetyl-L-carnitine, grape seeds extract) and increasingly popular nootropics - ingredients such as caffeine or theanine conducive to improving cognitive functions, among others: memory, memorizing speed, focus, creativity and logical thinking. 

Have you been dreaming about such support? Improve your exercise capacity. Increase your alertness, focus and maintain your concentration after workout! Choose R-weiler Focus Shot! It's a one-time shot guaranteeing:

  • fast action
  • increase in endurance during exercise (caffeine2)
  • decrease in rating of perceived exertion (RPE) during workouts (caffeine3)
  • proper stimulation, focus, improvement of concentration and increase of alertness (caffeine),
  • help in protecting cells against oxidative stress (grape seeds extract)

Choosing Olimp R-weiler Focus Shot you should remember that a dietary supplement cannot be considered a substitute for a varied diet, and only an addition to it. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are also important.