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Olimp Men Stringer Hoodie Champion

Olimp Men Stringer Hoodie Champion

Product advantages:
100% Cotton
Light, comfortable to wear
Perfect for training
Perfectly adapts to the body
Does not restrict movement, durable

Men Stringer Hoodie Champion in Navy is a sales hit of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand!

From the new Olimp Live & Fight collection is made of excellent quality cotton (100%!). Perfect for training. Lightweight material makes it not only comfortable to wear and does not restrict movement, but also provides freedom during exercise. The lack of sleeves perfectly emphasizes the muscular arms. Strong seams and solid finishes guarantee the durability of the T-shirt with characteristic hexes symbolizing the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand, popular among athletes around the world.

Do you value the comfort of the clothes you wear? Want to look attractive? The Olimp - Men Stringer Hoodie Champion is the perfect choice for you!